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Gabriel Gibbons Announces New Album,
Drops New Single „Eastern Shadows“

Gabriel Gibbons, the Irish-born singer-songwriter now residing in Brandenburg, Germany, has just released his latest single, „Eastern Shadow.“ This dark and haunting track serves as a prelude to his forthcoming album, „Tales of the East,“ and marks a poignant return to political themes for Gibbons.

Driven by the rising fears of right-wing populism, Gibbons aims to use his new single as a wake-up call for the citizens of Brandenburg, Thüringen and Sachsen. With a deep love for Brandenburg and the surrounding regions, Gibbons treasures the natural beauty and cannot fathom why the majority of people would support the AfD party.

Referring to the upcoming state elections, Gibbons says, „In the autumn, citizens have a choice. I want to contribute with my songs to ensure that more people use their right to vote to prevent a shift to the right.“

„Eastern Shadow“ is available now on all major streaming platforms, released under Spreewelle Recordings. This single, along with the upcoming album, is set to inspire and mobilize listeners, encouraging them to engage in the democratic process and stand against the tide of extremism.

About Gabriel Gibbons

Gabriel Gibbons is an Irish singer-songwriter currently living in Brandenburg, Germany. Known for his evocative lyrics and compelling melodies, Gibbons has made a name for himself with his politically charged and socially conscious music. His latest work continues this tradition, addressing pressing issues with a hopeful and unifying message. Signed with Spreewelle Recordings Gibbons releases for the first time his music through streaming platforms.

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